Whistling or buzzing from the hearing aid

To address whistling sounds or feedback in hearing aids, consider these steps:

Re-insert Ear Tip: If whistling occurs while the hearing aids are in your ears, make sure to re-insert the ear tip properly until it fits snugly and securely within your ear canal. An improper fit can often cause whistling.

Volume Adjustment: Lower the volume to see if the whistling ceases. If it does, this may suggest that sound is escaping through an ill-fitting ear tip, and you might need to switch to a different size or style for a better seal.

Ear Canal Check: Ask your doctor to check your ear canals for wax buildup. This wax can reflect sound from the hearing aids and cause whistling or chirping. If there's a significant amount of wax, ear cleaning or professional medical assistance may be necessary.

Visual Inspection: Look over the hearing aids to ensure no earwax is clogging the microphone or receiver. Use the proper tools to clean any obstructions. Also, consider cleaning or replacing the ear tips and wax guards as needed.

Following these steps should help you troubleshoot and possibly fix whistling or feedback problems with your hearing aids. Should the issue continue, seeking advice from a Hearingly Support representative is recommended.